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Our reservation cancellation time limits are suspended so that guests who have existing bookings do not feel the need to panic and cancel to save their deposits. Our cancellation Admin fee is also being waived for now. Instead we will only hold back the actual cost associated with the deposit. If you paid by e-transfer, there is no fee and we will return your deposit in the same manner. For credit cards, we pay 1.5% to process deposits and another 1.5% to process refunds, so we will retain 3% of the deposit amount to cover real costs.

We are now fully open. This includes our public showers. They will be available in a “user beware” basis. Our main bathroom building has 1 single shower, so we don’t have to worry about social distancing, but we can’t possibly  clean between uses, but we can make sure you have been advised through ample signage, that this is a high touch area and the user needs to ensure their own safety and sanitation. As long as we can access hand sanitizer, it will be provided in such areas, but much like BC Parks, we must insist that guests come equipped with their own personal sanitizing kits to be used in high traffic areas. This season, we will maintain a closure of our tenting sites, and won’t be accepting any tenting reservations, unless they are attached to an RV with bathroom, as we will not be opening our public bathrooms at all, due to insurance issues related to Covid concerns. Our 3 studio cabins that rely on one of our bathroom buildings will have exclusive use of this bathroom/shower building. The building features 2 bathrooms, 2 sinks and a shower area. A limit of 2 people at a time has been instituted to insure social distancing, and as expected, it is a user beware area, with lots of signage to remind users that they are in control of their own sanitation in a community bathroom. 

We also ask that anyone coming to stay with us do as much shopping as possible at your local stores in preparation for your stay . One of the biggest fears expressed by our neighbours is that the shelves of our small local retailer will be emptied by an influx of outsiders. And of course, if you are sick, stay home!

We will continue to update you as information and rules come our way. For now, stay safe and don’t forget to spend some quality time sorting out your tackle box. All the best from your Moosehaven crew, Russ, Michelle, Brooke & Tyler.