We are now broadcasting Wi-Fi across the resort. All of our cabins and RV sites have good, to excellent reception. For our 2021 season, the price of our in site Wi-Fi will be incorporated into the price of the campsites and cabin prices. For this year, we are charging $1 extra per person, per day, for those wishing to access the internet in-site, instead of coming to the office. This price does NOT include the use of video downloads like: Netflix, QUIC, Web Streaming, Amazon Video, YouTube, etc. These type of internet uses consume massive data and we still don’t have unlimited data available up here. The biggest monthly package we can purchase is 1,000 GB. Divide that by 30 sites and 6 cabins, it’s less than 1 Gig per site/cabin, per day.
In order to be fair to you and to us, your $1 includes up to 1 Gig of data, per site, per day. If you, or anyone else in your party decide to access sites like Netflix, or other video download/upload sites, you will be charged an extra $1 per full/partial GB as an overage fee. Upon sign in, you will be asked to either agree to this over use fee, or agree not to use video downloads. Anyone agreeing, will give us their apple id or phone name to be registered on our router. Anyone not registered but still using video downloads will be blocked from our in-site internet on a daily basis. We also reserve the right to turn off the internet from midnight to 8am. This saves a lot of data use from downloads/uploads to the cloud and updates that only occur on devices overnight. It will save us data and also save you $.