We are now broadcasting Wi-Fi across the resort. All of our cabins and RV sites have good, to excellent reception. We are using the new Star Link system and we are part of their initial Beta testing. This means there might be glitches or black outs as Elon and his gang figure things out and get more satellites into the sky. So far, it has been a great experience, but we don’t guarantee there wont be issues, and that’s why we aren’t charging for it or restricting it’s use. It’s as unlimited as the system permits. Guests have used it to watch Netflix and do zoom meetings with no issues at 300mbps download rate, but we don’t guarantee there won’t be issues with a new system that is still in it’s testing stages. We also have very good cellular reception if you are on Telus or can roam to Telus. So either way, if you need to be connected while you are here, it should be a good experience.