Guests are required to pay for ALL of their stay at the time of booking their reservation (this is the base rate for the RV site or Cabin, not any additional fees like moorage, extra people, boat rentals, etc. which is due before departure). Longer-stay guests must pay for the first month and have a credit card on file for the rest of their stay. We no longer offer long-term discounts to RV Sites #2-8 between June 15th and September 1. 


Rates are based on the average occupancy of each individual cabin: each additional guest is charged $10 per night.


NO Air Conditioning IN CABINS – if it is predicted to be hot, please bring a fan.

Our trailers #7 & #8 HAVE Air Conditioning.

Check-in is after 4 pm- 6 pm; check-out is 9 am- 11 am

Minimum 2-night booking- if we have availability for one night (an empty hole between bookings) we will consider one-day bookings for a short stay surcharge of $30 on the smaller Cabin (3), $50 on larger Cabins (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

  1. Cabin #1 – $190 per night; based on 5 people- maximum 8 people in Cabin *mobility friendly
  2. Cabin #2 – $175 per night; based on 4 people- maximum 5 people in Cabin *mobility friendly
  3. Cabin #3 – $130 per night; based on 2 people- maximum 4 people in Cabin *mobility friendly
  4. Cabin  #4 – $135 per night; based on 4 people- maximum 4 people in Cabin *mobility friendly
  5. Cabin #5 – $160 per night; based on 3 people- maximum 4 people in Cabin
  6. Cabin #6 – $165 per night; based on 4 people- maximum 6 people in Cabin
  7. Cabin #7 –  Hathaway Hideout 35ft trailer – $175 per night; based on 4 people- maximum 6 people in RV
  8. Cabin #8 – Yellowstone 34 ft 5th wheel- $170 per night; based on 2 people- maximum 4 people in RV
  9. Cabin #9 – Golden Park Model – $200 per night; based on 4 people- maximum 6 people in Park Model

*Mobility-friendly means level or ramp entry, no steps, grab bars in the bathroom, and bigger doorways.

Each additional guest 5 years and over – $10 per night

As of Oct 6, 2022, when paying by credit card, a 2% processing fee will be applied to any discounts offered. To receive the full discount, please consider paying by cash, debit card, or e-transfer. (ex: 7 days in cabin you receive a 10% discount, paying with a credit card will reduce it to 8%)


2022 was a beautiful season for us in the Cariboo. Ice came off late ( May 14) and June was colder than normal but we had beautiful long weekends and the great weather carried us into September. The spawning of the Kokanee, occurred later and we didn’t have a smokey day until Jasper started burning. By that point, sadly, most of BC was covered by smoke. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us through all the ‘crazy’ smoke, fires, and pandemics. Cheers to 2023.

2021 was a fire year for us, which has meant the following year should be less of a fire concern but could turn into a smoky year. This was a pattern we saw in 2017/2018. Cancellation due to “smoke in our area” is not something we refund for.  So, if you have health issues that are compromised due to smoke, you need to seriously consider this before booking. We will not refund your stay due to possible smoke in the air.

Moosehaven cannot offer cancellation insurance ( we looked into it and it is very complicated) but you may find your credit card company will cover any loss, (or travel insurance) should you need to cancel for medical reasons (such as health complications that might arise from being in a smoky area). You need to be aware that BC has a fire season. We keep hearing this will be the new normal. Fire season starts sometime around mid/late June and ends in early/mid-September, especially in El Nino weather years.  We truly feel for you, if your wife/husband/infant/dad/etc. can’t be around smoke, but this is not something we can control. The reason we recommend reservations is to guarantee you a cabin or RV site for the period requested. This also means that we will be turning away others, that had wished to book that space, for the same time frame. These potential guests may not have had smoke-related health issues and would show up, while you are not able to. Reservations are a 2-way street. If you wish us to guarantee your space, you must be willing to guarantee you will either show up or pay for that space if we can’t rent it to someone else.

If you feel the need to cancel due to one of these problems out of our control, our *regular cancellation policies will apply. Click here to see them.

*This also applies to changes in surgery dates, car accidents, trailer calamities, stolen vehicles, bought a dog… etc., etc. We have heard many reasons why people need to cancel. None of which have been generated by us. If we did our part, we also expect you to do yours. We have not canceled 1 single reservation in the past 5 years except due to forest fires and COVID-19 travel restriction regulations. In those cases, we have refunded the entire deposit and absorbed the processing fees.