Campground Guidelines

Since we took over Moosehaven in 2016, we have discovered that common sense is not as common as it used to be, and we feel the need to post the following:

Please please, please! Do NOT cut through occupied sites to cross the resort. Please use roads as a way to navigate the resort. This is a common rule in campgrounds and the one most often broken and leads to the most complaints. Make sure the kids understand this rule as well.

Sorry, no dogs, so we can continue to share the resort property with the birds and wildlife in the area.  Indoor cats in your RV are ok. Although we say this, please note, that if you have a dog that doesn’t bark or an older pet in their last years and you feel the need to bring them with you, in your RV, we have made exceptions. We love animals and understand that you don’t want to leave your animals when they need you. Please call us and explain your situation and we will work with you. Our cabins are pet-free. Guide/therapy/assistance dogs with the appropriate provincial paperwork are permitted. Proof of certification is necessary before the start of the reservation.

Outside (outside of the Cariboo) firewood is not allowed to be brought into the resort as per the Canadian Food Inspection Agency & the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations. If you wish to go onto LOCAL crown land and gather firewood, feel free to pick up a “free use permit for firewood” from our office or download your own copy and carry it with you while collecting local firewood. Scavenging for wood on the resort grounds is NOT permitted. You MAY bring in local firewood and/or kiln-dried wood.

Children’s play areas are closed at dusk or 10 pm (whichever is first) , they must be back in your campsite and children must be supervised at all times. There is no lifeguard on duty. Supervise your children when they are swimming, especially in and around docks.

Quiet time is 10 pm – 9 am.

Smoking of cigarettes is permitted in outdoor areas only. No smoking or vaping of anything inside cabins or within 3 M of doorways or open windows. There is a $1000 cleaning charge for breaking this rule. Why such a high price? Because we never want this rule broken.

Cigarette butts should never be allowed to hit the ground. Use an ashtray. DO NOT dispose of your butts on our grounds or in our fire pits. Anyone caught littering butts on our grounds or in the lake, will be immediately evicted from the resort. 2 people were banned from the resort in 2018 for putting their butts out in the wooden deck of one of our cabins, during an extreme fire season. As it says above, common sense isn’t always that common.

Marijuana use: We polled our regulars. Nobody wants to smell pot, hash, or anything like it. We are a family campground. So the rule is if you are going to indulge, take a hike, literally! ( or eat edibles ) Having a medicinal purpose doesn’t change this rule. Smoking it in your campsite or around your cabin, with any other guests within 100 M is not permitted. If there are any children in the resort, you will be expected to walk down one of our driveways (away from campsites) and be 500 M from any campsite before lighting up. Only one warning will be given.

DO NOT MOVE FIRE PITS! $150 will be billed to your card if you move a fire pit on a grassy site. Fire pits in gravel sites can be moved with permission. Ask before moving any fire pit so we can assess the fire hazard of your choice of spots. GARBAGE is not allowed to be burned in fire pits, please use garbage bins in the designated areas. You can burn wood. That’s it! Anything else stinks and creates unwanted smoke. This includes tinfoil used to cook over the fire and jiffy pop containers. They don’t burn or melt and the crows spread the mess all over the resort. Beer bottle caps also don’t melt, so they never belong in the fire pits.

Please do not discard seed and nut shells on the ground. Use the fire pit for them ONLY if you are having a fire. If you are not, then collect them and put them in the garbage.

Like some city parks, water balloons are not permitted, (or any release of something non-biodegradable!) Water balloons are bad for the wildlife; save water balloon fights for at home. Helium balloons can end up in the lake. So we just prefer they not be used here. We prefer to keep the wildlife safe.

No discharging of guns, pellet guns, fireworks, potato cannons, etc. on this property or in the cabins.

Garbage/recycling is not allowed to be placed outside your RV or left outside of your cabin overnight. We have garbage bins placed outside of the RV bathroom for your convenience. These are collected at 9 pm/dark every night. No garbage after this time to prevent Bears from coming into the resort. Please ensure all recycling is clean. Food waste and compost are not recyclable in the Cariboo. We have a You-Sort recycling center, with clear labels located at the RV Wash house.

All Visitors must register at the office and park in our guest parking area. You will be responsible for your visitors at all times and there is a day-use fee per visitor. We close the gates at dark, so all visitors are required to leave by dusk.

There is a maximum of 2 vehicles permitted per site. For RV sites this means a trailer or motorhome as well as an automobile. For cabins, it means a maximum of 2 automobiles.

CAMPFIRES: max. of .5m x .5m allowed! Extinguish them before going to bed or leaving the resort. Do NOT move fire pits. If we are under a fire ban, we reserve the right to limit the use of CSA-certified propane fire pits. In our gravel sites, they can be used on any gravel surface. In our grassy sites, they can only be used on top of existing fire pit rings. Please see the office before using one anywhere else.

Mat use: On gravel sites, put mats wherever you like. On our grassy sites, please only use mats on areas that have already had the grass killed by previous long-term use. Don’t kill more grass. The next person won’t appreciate the muddy result and neither will we.

Alcohol is permitted, sloppy drunks, are not. Belligerence and other aggressive behavior are not acceptable. Abuse of other guests or staff (sober or otherwise) will not be tolerated. Any infraction WILL result in you being asked to leave and not admitted back. We have a list. It’s not a good thing to make this list as we share it with the other resorts in the area.

Quads/ATVs and dirt bikes are permitted in the resort, but not to drive around as a form of transportation between sites or cabins. They can be offloaded and used at a dead slow pace to leave and re-enter the resort while accessing crown land. All vehicles must meet off-road licensing and manufacturer standards. If there is an off-road ban, your off-road vehicle is also banned from the resort. Aftermarket or sports exhaust systems may get your quad banned from our resort. Electric golf carts are the only vehicles permitted for continuous travel within the resort. Quads/ATVs and motorbikes are NEVER allowed to ride over grass areas; stay on designated roads.

We are an LGBTQ2 community-friendly campground. Our bathrooms are Uni-Sex. We have built a campground community around shared values of diversity, equity, optimism, and personal security. We welcome everyone and expect our guests to be respectful of each other.

No refunds are given to anyone evicted for breaking these rules.


**Our water is drawn from the lake, and we filter it down to 1 micron but do NOT add Chlorine. We have a 1-minute boil advisory on all water on site that comes from a tap of any sort, to ensure it is safe for drinking.


Please take all your items with you. This includes food from the cupboard and fridge.

As you are leaving the Cabin, please drop off all your garbage in one of the bins provided at the RV washroom. At the RV washroom, there are labeled bins for you to put your recycling into. This is a You-Sort station. Anything with food on it is garbage, we do NOT compost here.

Make sure all dishes are CLEAN and put away and remove any used coffee filters from the machine. If you have spilled something on the floor or counter, give it a wipe.

Do Not strip the beds, that is our job. Place any used towels in the tub/sink or shower. DO NOT leave wet towels on beds or furniture. Leaving wet towels on a bed is an instant $100 charge. We have better things to do than dry a mattress before the next guest arrives. It is a ridiculous thing to do, but it happens so often we had to add it to the rules. Getting the duvet or mattress cover wet will add another $50 per item as well.

If you are cooking bacon DO NOT pour the fat down the sink or use any of our dishes to contain it. If you don’t have a jar or tin, ask at the office and we will provide something for you to use.

When you register on arrival, you will initial a clause that allows for your deposit to become a damage/cleaning deposit. Please leave cabins clean upon your departure or you will be charged a housekeeping charge above and beyond the cabin rental fee. If you are taking cabin items to another cabin/RV, please ensure that they are returned to the original cabin. If any items are broken or missing, please notify us and if caused by negligence you will be charged for their replacement. This is not a hotel. When you leave, we expect to sanitize the cabin, not sweep up a pound of food off the floor and clean the microwave because you blew up a can of beans in it ( every microwave has a splash guard provided ). There is a broom and dustpan in every cabin, along with cleaning cloths and extra garbage bags. Please use them. Your deposit will be refunded, less any damage/cleaning fees, once the cabin has been assessed after your check out.

Thanks, Russ & Michelle