When you make a reservation with us, you are responsible for all days booked. We do NOT have a contract with mother nature. If there is a chance you might wish to cancel due to bad weather, bugs or smoke, or are the type to leave early if the fishing is slow or was so good you got your travel limit early, please look into travel insurance, as we do not refund early departure for such reasons.

BC has a fire season. We also have an unpredictable bug season, and if you’ve been in our province before, you know our weather can be cantankerous, and the fishing can be unpredictable. If we have a bad fire season and the resort is put under evacuation alert or notice, all deposits will be refunded for that initial period without question. The fire cancellation policy only applies to reservations within 1 week of the alert. We will not accept cancellations due to an alert more than a week in advance. (ie, cancelling July 10 when we are under alert, for a reservation in August, then our regular policies apply. If you have an RV rental contract that forbids your entry into an area under alert, you must inform us of this at the time of booking, otherwise, our 1 week policy will be the guide). We also do not refund due to medical issues, changed surgical  dates etc. Your credit card company may offer such coverage.

We recommend reservations to guarantee your space. Our guarantee is that your space will be available to you for the time requested, and nothing more. If you do have to cancel and with less notice than 30 days for an RV site or 60 days for a Cabin, we will do our best to fill the dates with someone else. Any days we recover will be days you won’t have to pay for.